Some Recent Drawings


Thought I’d throw some recent drawings out there. Some obviously got more attention than others, but this is a few weeks worth of things I’m too lazy to post individually.

The Latest Tattoo



I guess I forgot to post this on the site.

This tattoo was done a week ago at Adorn studio in Portland, OR.

The symbol originally meant “Danger: Lasers” (already cool), but was adopted by Chris Hardwick to represent his Nerdist brand. There’s a good chance that by being on my site you’re familiar with Nerdist, but if not know that it’s kind of a blanket term for a lot of things. Nerdist is a podcast, website, industry, a community, and an identity. A Nerdist is a creative nerd. Because of Chris Hardwick and Nerdist I’ve met a lot of great people, collaborated and been inspired, and gotten to know myself better (despite how grossly candid that sounds).

Basically, I’m super proud to be a Nerdist.


My mother made me promise not to get another tattoo for a year.