Emerald City Comic-Con [Day 3]: *In David Tennant’s Voice* “I Don’t Want To Go…”


So here is a quick summary of the last day of Emerald City Comic-Con.

The first notable thing that happened was a panel called I’m So Much Cooler Online because, you know, it’s true. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much new information there, but the panelists (Thomas Zahler, Ben Thompson, and Jill Pantozzi) were entertaining and it was fun just listening to their banter. Immediately after that was Kirby Krackle: Unplugged which was Kyle Stevens playing Kirby Krackle songs and being lovely.

Once Kirby Krackle: Unplugged got out, there was wandering and meeting up with people. I found Eugene Ahn (A.K.A. Adam Warrock), as well as Barry Blankenship who gave me some of his super rad art. Things started wrapping up soon after.

Once we had said our goodbyes to the con, I stopped by the Mint Condition art show at Ltd. Art Gallery, where my Tumblr feed came to life. Look– pictures!

Overall, ECCC was a lot of fun, to say the least. The trip up to Seattle also made me way more excited about the idea of going to SeattleU next fall. We’ll see what happens with that… Until then, I have plenty of artists to write about (yay!).



Emerald City Comic-Con [Day Two]: COMIC-KHAAAAN!


I comic-conned hard today, you guys.

My mission today was to collect business cards and meet artists for future interviews, take a lot of pictures, and meet more wonderful people. Mission: accomplished.

The day began with the purchase of a Ren & Stimpy/Batman crossover print from Justin Orr and meeting one of my favorite artists, Scott Campbell. Following that, I attended Wil Wheaton’s 90 Minutes of Awesome performance, which meant getting to listen to Wil Freaking Wheaton tell stories and make Star Trek jokes. I filled my camera with videos and pictures, and recorded audio of the entire thing. That should all make its way to the internet soon.

After more wandering and coffee drinking (so much coffee was consumed today, you guys), there was an amazing impromptu concert by some of the best nerdy musicians. It was certainly the highlight of the day. This was the lineup (warning– you’ll probably be pretty damn jealous): The Doubleclicks, Vixy & TonyMolly Lewis, and Marian Call. Holy musical talent, Batman! Check out these pictures, and then go make a working TARDIS and go back in time and space to watch this.

Molly Lewis ain’t even bovvered.

Fantastic, right?

The rest of the day was spent scouring Artist’s Alley and collecting contact information for future interviews. There was so much talent in every direction. It was pretty overwhelming.
Here is the day’s bounty:

Successful day!