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Just a Handful of Good Things for Monday Afternoon

26 Mar 2012-03-26_101218

•The newest Nerd Band of the Week article is up.
This week’s band it Harry and the Potters. Check them out!

•It’s Leonard Nimoy’s birthday and The DoubleClicks wrote a song for the occasion:

•And while we’re on the subject of The DoubleClicks, their new album Chainmail and Chello is available for pre-order here.

•The first trailer for the new season of Doctor Who was released today. It’s full of stuff and …shenanigans (beautiful word, shenanigans). Best of all, the Doctor dons a stetson again.

With this and the recent companion announcement (and Moffat’s comments about Amy and Rory’s departure– so much stress!), I really can’t wait for Fall. If I just had a TARDIS…

•One more Doctor Who thing: Walter Keegan has an ongoing project called A Dalek Year, where he constructs a life sized Dalek. You can follow his progress here. It’s clear that the final product is doing to look super cool.

Doctor Who Costumes: Weeping Angel and Dalek

23 Mar

October 2011

Things that are Cool [According to the Doctor]

23 Mar

September 2011
(Side note:  Chris Hardwick has these now.)


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