Just a Handful of Good Things for Monday Afternoon


•The newest Nerd Band of the Week article is up.
This week’s band it Harry and the Potters. Check them out!

•It’s Leonard Nimoy’s birthday and The DoubleClicks wrote a song for the occasion:

•And while we’re on the subject of The DoubleClicks, their new album Chainmail and Chello is available for pre-order here.

•The first trailer for the new season of Doctor Who was released today. It’s full of stuff and …shenanigans (beautiful word, shenanigans). Best of all, the Doctor dons a stetson again.

With this and the recent companion announcement (and Moffat’s comments about Amy and Rory’s departure– so much stress!), I really can’t wait for Fall. If I just had a TARDIS…

•One more Doctor Who thing: Walter Keegan has an ongoing project called A Dalek Year, where he constructs a life sized Dalek. You can follow his progress here. It’s clear that the final product is doing to look super cool.