Costume Workshop at State Thespian Conference


I just wanted to put up some photos from the costuming workshop Ellie von Radics and I led at Oregon State Thespian Conference a couple of weeks ago.

Ellie focused on age make-up, making our lovely model Maya Zundel look like a crotchety old lady. Meanwhile, I accomplished the amazing feat of putting all of Camille Pejcha’s hair (which nearly reaches the back of her knees when she stands) into pin curls, a wig cap, and a wig.


And after:

The entire thing lasted around 40 minutes, and it went really well. We went over types of wigs, make-up, hair pins, costume and wig maintenance, and more. The audience seemed to be engaged and I hope that they left knowing more about the world of theatre costumes.

State Thespian Conference


So, over the weekend I went to the Oregon State Thespian Conference up in Salem. Between Star Wars movies and antique store adventures, there were actually some theatre related activities. Three high schools put on shows there, each one entertaining and inspiring in their own ways. Thursday evening was Liberty High School’s production, Eurydice, which had some weak points but was well acted and put together nicely overall. There were two shows Friday, South Eugene’s student directed farce Lend Me a Tenor and the all a capella musical Ablaze put on by Wilson High School. Ablaze was especially impressive; everyone, onstage and off, was clearly very talented and the time that had been put into the production came through in the performance. Here’s a trailer for the show that they put together:

Besides the full productions there were student showcases, technical entries, and workshops. I led a costuming class with my friend Ellie von Radics on Saturday which included demonstrations of applying age makeup, pinning a wig, and tips and tricks of costuming. It went really well (I impressed myself with my lack of stuttering and stumbling over words) and a teacher from one of the high schools who saw it said it was the most professional workshop she had seen (#Humblebrag).

Ashland went home with a handful of awards for our tech entries and the trip went without a hitch. Besides some disappointment about not winning in specific categories of the competition, I think everyone had a great time.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a quick update about that. It was a lot of fun but by the end of it I was super tired of people, singing, and enthusiasm. Today was a much needed stay-in-pajamas-all-day day.